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WHAT is Gene Express?

Gene Express (GE) offers personalized preventive healthcare through hyper-personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle guidance. Using your DNA, GE’s specialist laboratory identifies important gene variations (SNPs) related to diet, fitness, and health conditions. Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab ensures accurate results. We analyze about 1,000 relevant SNPs, partnering with a global leader in SNP profiling. You receive SNP results, implications, and tailored recommendations via our app. Empower yourself with guided actions for a healthier, more fulfilling life based on your gene content.

Gene Express stands out in Malaysia due to our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 equivalent lab. Utilizing cutting-edge Illumina Infinium HTS assay and a DNA chip, we pinpoint and understand SNPs in human DNA. The entire process, from DNA extraction to SNP genotyping, is undergoing ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

WHY Gene Express is different?

Utilizing cutting-edge Illumina Infinium HTS assay and a DNA chip, we pinpoint and understand SNPs in human DNA. The entire process, from DNA extraction to SNP genotyping, is undergoing ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.
Your privacy is paramount. We assign a unique barcode to your saliva and DNA samples, ensuring anonymity in our client data. Our team adheres to strict internal codes, restricting data access to authorized personnel only and undergoing stringent procedures to prevent data loss or misuse. Rest assured, your data will never be shared with third parties without consent.

Each SNP we test is backed by a minimum of five peer-reviewed scientific papers from leading journals. This ensures accurate and relevant nutrigenomics, fitness, or health recommendations in our algorithms.

Discover your SNP results, implications, and personalised recommendations through user-friendly Gene Express app so you are guided with informed actions to enhance health, recommendations, tailored recipes and fitness plans aligned with your SNP profile that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

HOW accurate is Gene Express?

The Gene Express lab employs advanced Illumina Infinium HTS assay and a special DNA chip to precisely identify and analyse around 1,000 relevant SNPs from your saliva DNA. Let’s break it down for easier understanding:

This refers to a sophisticated technology used by Gene Express in their laboratory. It’s like a powerful tool that helps scientists look closely at your DNA.

Think of this like a micro-sized computer chip designed specifically to read DNA. It’s used to examine your genetic information.

Your DNA is made up of many small pieces called SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). Some of these SNPs are important because they can give us insights into things like your diet, fitness, and health.

To get your DNA, you provide a simple saliva sample. Your DNA is extracted from this sample, and that’s what’s being studied.

WHO should or should not take a DNA test?

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, occupation, and health condition (with exceptions) can sign up for Gene Express genetic services. This includes pregnant mothers, those with common illnesses (such as cold or flu), or on common medications. For individuals under 18 years old, parental consent is compulsory. Our results are not diagnostic. Consult a medical professional for medical queries.

Gene Express genetic services are suitable for all ages. Customer under 18 years old must submit saliva samples with parental or guardian consent. Please print out this Consent Form and send out together with the saliva sample.

Our genetic services are very safe during pregnancy. Collecting a saliva sample is non-invasive and not harmless to your body.

Gene Express does not advise bone marrow transplant recipients to use our genetic services. Your saliva sample may contain both you and your donor’s DNA, leading to complex and potentially inaccurate SNP profile results. However, being a bone marrow donor doesn’t affect your SNP profile results. Your accuracy and understanding matter to us.

Gene Express does not advise bone marrow transplant recipients to use our genetic services. Your saliva sample may contain both you and your donor’s DNA, leading to complex and potentially inaccurate SNP profile results. However, being a bone marrow donor doesn’t affect your SNP profile results. Your accuracy and understanding matter to us.

WHICH is more accurate?

These tests shouldn’t be compared as they serve distinct purposes. A DNA test reveals genetic contents (like SNPs), while a blood test measures components like red/white blood cells, sodium, glucose, etc.

TEST KIT matters

Retaking your saliva test to use for other Gene Express services in the future is unnecessary. Within 5 years of your first collection, Your DNA extracted from your first saliva sample remains stable for at least five (5) years at room temperature and can be used for additional services. Your convenience is important to us.
Your saliva sample remains stable for 5 years at room temperature in the GeneFix saliva collection tube, provided proper storage conditions are maintained. It’s recommended to courier the sample back to Gene Express right after collection.
As long as your sample isn’t exposed to high temperature, it remains stable for 5 years at room temperature. The GeneFix tube contains a DNA stabilising solution.

Saliva is preferred over blood due to its painless, non-invasive collection method. Sufficient high quality genomic DNA can be readily extracted and purified from the saliva sample.

It’s advisable to follow fasting instructions to minimise contamination. If you didn’t fast as instructed, our lab experts will assess your sample’s suitability for DNA extraction and further processing.

Please collect your sample as soon as possible upon receiving the Gene Express saliva collection kit to avoid any potential contamination. We recommend sending it back after registration for timely analysis and personalised results.

Your DNA sample, marked only with your unique barcode, is stored securely for five years. Updates may be added to reports based on new nutrigenomics discoveries.

Refer to the user manual provided with the Gene Express saliva collection kit or here for precise instructions.

If your saliva sample cannot be processed, it could be due to visible contamination from food debris or staining caused by substances, such as coffee, tea, or tobacco. Insufficient or excessive sample collection (not meeting the required 2 ml) could also impact processing.

Should processing fail, we will promptly reach out to you for replacement of the saliva collection kit for your convenience. Rest assured, there will be no extra cost involved, regardless of the cause. Certain terms & conditions will apply for your peace of mind.

If the solution spills accidentally or if you suspect tampering due to broken seals, please reach out to our Customer Service at cs@geneexpress.com. We will promptly provide you with a replacement Gene Express saliva collector kit to ensure accurate testing. Your satisfaction and accurate results are our priority.

When you register your Gene Express saliva collection kit, you’re ensuring that your DNA sample is linked to a unique barcode. This connection is essential for us to accurately trace ownership and efficiently process your sample in the laboratory. Please note that unregistered samples won’t undergo processing and will be discarded. Your registration is the key to a successful DNA analysis.

Encountering registration errors? Let us help. Reach out to us at cs@geneexpress.com, sharing the error details and ideally a screenshot. We’re here to swiftly assist you in registering your GeneFix saliva collection tube. Your smooth experience matters to us!

RESULT matters

Your Gene Express report is a valuable tool and guide, but it should not replace your physician’s advice or health screenings. Always consult your doctor for comprehensive medical guidance.

Your DNA results might vary from your expectations because they provide likelihoods, not certainties. Unknown genetic factors and non-genetic influences like age, environment, or lifestyle can contribute. If your traits differ from your genetic profile, consider other factors influencing your development.

Our genetic services are not diagnostic or medical advice. They analyze 1,000 SNPs related to nutrition, fitness, and health conditions, not infectious agents or diseases. Consult a healthcare provider for medical concerns.

Gene Express genetic services aren’t diagnostic for infectious diseases. They’re not designed for detecting infectious agents or diseases.

REPORT matters

After submitting your saliva sample, Gene Express scientists will meticulously process by extracting and purifying your DNA, using advanced technology to analyse around 1,000 relevant SNPs. These insights are then used to create a personalised report tailored to your SNP profile. Expect your report to be ready for viewing on www.geneexpress.com approximately 4 to 6 weeks after we receive your sample.

The detailed nature of your report requires time. Over 4 to 6 weeks, Gene Express lab performs precise DNA processes, identifying and analysing your SNPs using specialised bioinformatics software to provide accurate recommendations. Rest assured, our commitment to quality drives the time investment.

Your report is available in digital format. Log in to www.geneexpress.com or use Gene Express mobile app from Google Store or Apple Store to access your report.

Your data is secure while DNA sample is anonymised, linked only by a barcode during processing. Our scientists have no access to your personal information.

Gene Express report is only available in English.

Individuals in a family must each sign up for their own Gene Express service. Each person inherits a unique DNA set, making personalised SNP profiles crucial.

Not intended for clinical diagnosis. Instead, the report provides tailored insights and recommendations to enhance your health and living based on your SNP profile.

A lack of causative genes doesn’t indicate disease-free status. The report offers insights for diet, fitness, and genetic predisposition, not diagnosis.


Purchase your genetic screening package conveniently on our website: www.geneexpress.com.

You can buy kits for family and friends – they make thoughtful gifts for special occasions. Remember, each kit must be registered under the individual’s (DNA owner) name on our website: www.geneexpress.com.

Rest assured, we respect personal data confidentiality. Genetic service results are only shared with the person who submitted the sample. For individuals under 18, results are accessed via a unique registered Gene Express account.
Currently, Gene Express kits are available for purchase within Malaysia only. We regret that cross-border purchases are not supported.


Experience simplified collection and shipping with Gene Express. Our DNA testing process is designed for your convenience. Enjoy hassle-free collection and seamless delivery to our laboratory.

After collecting your saliva sample with the GeneFix collection tube, place it in the courier company shipping bag provided in the kit. Register your tube online and schedule a pick-up through our website. The appointed courier company will contact you to arrange the pick-up. You may also directly drop it off at your nearest drop off point.

To re-schedule pick-up within 48 hours of your selected time, call our customer service at +603 8026 2798.

After registering your kit, easily track its delivery status by clicking the “Track Status” tab under your My Account section on our website.

Forgot to register your kit before sending the sample? Reach out to Customer Service at cs@geneexpress.com immediately with your invoice and airway bill numbers for assistance.


If you received a faulty or defective saliva collection kit, contact us via this link immediately. We will provide a replacement kit, adhering to applicable terms and conditions. Please follow these steps for a smooth exchange process:

  • Contact our Customer Service within three (3) business days of purchase or parcel receipt.
  • A Customer Service representative will inspect the damaged parcel.
  • If the damage is attributed to Gene Express’s delivery partner, you can return the affected product(s), original packaging, original carton, and a copy of the Credit Note (CN) for exchange.

In case of loss or accidental damage to your kit, kindly reach out to our Customer Service at cs@geneexpress.com for assistance.


Understanding DNA, Genes, and Genomes

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the genetic material in our cells, acting as a blueprint for life. It holds instructions for growth, function, response to the environment, and reproduction. DNA is made up of two strands forming a double helix, with four building blocks (A, C, G, and T) forming its “language.”

Genes are specific DNA sequences containing instructions for creating proteins. Proteins are essential for bodily functions, including enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Genes determine traits like eye colour, and they regulate gene activity, influencing protein production.

Genome is an organism’s entire DNA, including all its genes. It’s the information source for an organism to function. In multicellular organisms, each cell carries the complete genome. It’s the master blueprint that shapes every aspect of life.

SNP (Single-nucleotide Polymorphism) is a genetic variation where a single nucleotide is switched for another along a DNA sequence. Think of it like a genetic spelling change. These variants, called alleles, are vital markers for spotting gene changes, predicting health risks, understanding genetic predispositions, and evaluating nutrient needs or treatment responses. In simpler words, SNPs hold the key to unlocking your genetic story, guiding health insights, and personalised care.


Gene Express DNA testing is conducted in an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited facility under DANAK (Danish Accreditation Fund). The accreditation covers critical aspects such as DNA extraction and the identification of gene variant profiles using the cutting-edge Illumina Infinium HTS system. Every step of your genetic analysis adheres to the highest standards of quality and accuracy, this translates to results you can trust, backed by rigorous scientific expertise.

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