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DNA Test that resonance lives for the better
It showed me

a whole new approach!

“I’ve literally tried skincare from all ranges, from drugstore steals to high-end splurges, but the ‘wow’ factor was missing. Then came along the Flawless Skin DNA Test. It showed me a whole new approach! The missing piece? Turns out health supplements and a bit of sweat do wonders. Now, let’s talk about the complimentary personalised consultation, I LOVE how they give real comprehensive advice based on the overall report. Their tips? Gold! I put their suggestions into action, and my skin’s thanking me. I’m very happy with the results. My skin’s glowing, and I feel like a skincare pro now!

Jingle Chia, 36

I balanced my


Stress has been my lifelong companion, following me from my school days into my career. I often questioned why others seemed to manage stress effortlessly while it overwhelmed me. It impacted my work efficiency and personal life. Gene Express DNA test was an eye-opener, revealing my genetic inclination for high stress. With personalised guidance from a consultant, I can now navigate stress with more confidence, and the relief is immeasurable. It has transformed my work efficiency, overall happiness, and even given me more time for what I love – my family, friends, and my pet.

Claire, 26

Fitness and nutrition are tailored

based on my gene

A Total Game-Changer! I can’t express enough how much the DNA test has transformed my health and fitness journey. After struggling with health issues and hitting roadblocks in my fitness goals, I gave the DNA test a try. Tailoring my fitness and nutrition based on my genetics is the ultimate breakthrough. The results were incredible – I shed weight, gained muscle, and my energy soared. This test empowered me to take control of my well-being in ways I never thought possible. If you’re facing challenges like I was, I genuinely recommend considering this test. It could be the turning point you’ve been seeking. Cheers to a healthier life!

Nazrin Abu Bakar, 32

I can still

Rock my golden years

I’ll admit, hitting 50 had me thinking my adventurous days were behind me. I was practically stuck indoors. But then, that DNA test came into play. It showed me that with some tweaks to what I eat, a few supplements, a bit of sweat, and just changing up some everyday habits, I could still rock my golden years. Now, you’ll find me out and about, working hard and hitting the road in my trusty SUV. Age ain’t got nothing on me!

Mike Wee, 54

I could actually make

Positive changes

For a long time, I’ve battled with weight issues that led to hormonal imbalances and impacted my wellbeing, even affecting my uterus. Each menstrual cycle was accompanied by painful cramps. After undergoing the DNA test, I discovered that I could actually make positive changes through simple adjustments in my diet and lifestyle habits. I’m overjoyed to share that not only have I managed to improve my hormonal balance, but I’ve also achieved significant weight loss. Today, I’m here to tell you that sometimes, the answers are within us all along. The DNA test? It just helped me find them.

Momo Chin, 35

A deeper understanding of

my kid's health and body

As a mother, all I want is the best for our kids. Owen, my little one, had a tough start with his weak respiratory system, often falling ill. That’s when I turned to the Young Champ DNA Test. It gave me a deeper understanding of Owen’s health and body. The report highlighted the significance of sleep, sunshine, and outdoor play in enhancing his immunity and self-recovery. It was a surprise to learn that I had been overloading him with supplements… With the heartfelt guidance of Gene Express consultants, I revamped Owen’s routine. And you know what? Now, he’s embracing school life, facing fewer sick days, and his focus has truly blossomed. It’s like watching a little miracle unfold, and as a mom, there’s no greater relief and joy.

Owen Chay, 5


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