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Gene Express Weight Loss DNA Test offer insights to precise weight loss diet and routine for you to shed pounds efficiently, guiding you to achieve sustainable weight-loss results!

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Tried all kinds of diet and exercise, but the results are disappointing? Discover your body blueprint through Gene Express Weight Loss DNA test and personalise your journey to shed pounds efficiently! Obtain knowledge about diet & nutrition, body endurance, and recovery enables you to develop a precise weight loss plan that aligns with your body’s unique requirements, enhancing the efficiency of your journey.
Understand your gut microbiome that plays a crucial role in weight & hunger management, guiding you in making dietary choices that promote a healthier gut environment, aiding digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall well-being.
Hack into your sleep pattern for ultimate weight management as restorative sleep sets the foundation for effective weight loss by revealing genetic factors that influence your metabolism. Unravel your genetic compatibility with different sleep strategies, helping you optimise your sleep environment and habits for effective recovery.
Reveal genetic tendencies towards hormone imbalances and cravings triggered by stress. So you can customise lifestyle modifications that address stress-related weight challenges, promote healthier eating habits, optimise hormone levels, encourage more effective weight loss and sustainable results.
I could actually make

Positive changes

For a long time, I’ve battled with weight issues that led to hormonal imbalances and impacted my wellbeing, even affecting my uterus. Each menstrual cycle was accompanied by painful cramps. After undergoing the DNA test, I discovered that I could actually make positive changes through simple adjustments in my diet and lifestyle habits. I’m overjoyed to share that not only have I managed to improve my hormonal balance, but I’ve also achieved significant weight loss. Today, I’m here to tell you that sometimes, the answers are within us all along. The DNA test? It just helped me find them.

Momo Chin, 35


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    Weight Loss DNA Test photo review
    Chin Sheau Xuan
    November 9, 2023
    我一直以来都有伴随着肥胖问题,肥胖导致我有荷尔蒙失调,更影响了我的子宫。每每来月经的时候,都会伴随着肚子疼痛。自从做了DNA test之后,让我了解到,原来我能从饮食和生活作息来改善这一切,现在我不但改善了荷尔蒙问题,也让我的体重下降了很多。

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