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Gene Express Worklife Balance DNA Test offers you valuable insights of your body’s unique needs, so you can take control of your wellness and performance to achieve a fulfilling life.

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Seeking for the perfect equation to balance your career and personal life? By understanding your genetic makeup with Gene Express Work Life Balance DNA Test, you can fine-tune your work patterns, nutrition, sleep and exercise routines, ensuring sustained energy levels that fuels your productivity while leaving room for personal relaxation and enjoyment, thus creating a future where physical & mental wellness aligns with your professional goals.
Uncover genetic factors influencing your mental health, productivity, memory and focus, so you can implement strategies to support your mental well-being though relevant practices or lifestyle adjustments
Help you to understand your sleep/wake cycle, optimal working time, fatigue and other sleep-related concerns that will affect your health, so you can develop a sleep routine that maximises restorative sleep, enhancing your overall well-being and productivity.
Reveal genetic vulnerability affecting gut microbiome composition and digestive functions, so you can make dietary choices that support digestive and mental health, which in turn positively impacts your emotional resilience, contributing to a holistic work-life balance.
Identify genetic factors related to stress resilience and how your body responds to stressors, allows you to tailor stress management strategies that align with your genetic tendencies. Thus, enables you to cope with workplace stress more effectively, maintaining a healthier mental state.
I balanced my


Stress has been my lifelong companion, following me from my school days into my career. I often questioned why others seemed to manage stress effortlessly while it overwhelmed me. It impacted my work efficiency and personal life. Gene Express DNA test was an eye-opener, revealing my genetic inclination for high stress. With personalised guidance from a consultant, I can now navigate stress with more confidence, and the relief is immeasurable. It has transformed my work efficiency, overall happiness, and even given me more time for what I love – my family, friends, and my pet.

Claire, 26