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Gene Express Young Champ DNA Test equips you with valuable insights to address potential health risks of your child proactively, guiding you towards the future of informed parenting.

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Struggling to find the right solution to enhance your child’s health & development? Every child is unique, and their nutritional needs vary. Say goodbye to the uncertainties with Gene Express Young Champ DNA Test, understanding insights of your children’s genetic makeup enables you to identify potential health risks and confidently tailor your children’s lifestyles to unlock their full potential, guiding you towards the future of informed parenting.
Understand your children’s immune profiles enable you to take proactive measures to strengthen the immune response for better protection against illnesses.
Guide you in preventive measures and early interventions after understanding children’s susceptibility to certain eye conditions. Fostering eye care strategies to safeguard your little one’s vision, such as regular eye check-ups and lifestyle adjustments.
Set the foundation of lifetime wellness through gut health maintenance. Your child’s genetics influence nutrient absorption and digestion, customise their diet ensuring they receive essential nutrients needed for growth & development, thus promote a balanced gut microbiome, enhancing their immune system’s resilience and reducing the risk of illnesses.
Promote positive mental health practices, such as creating a supportive environment, stress management and memory & focus enhancement.
Help you to understand your children’s stress response, and guide you in teaching your child effective early- stage stress management techniques. This equips them with lifelong skills to navigate challenges with resilience.
A deeper understanding of

my kid's health and body

As a mother, all I want is the best for our kids. Owen, my little one, had a tough start with his weak respiratory system, often falling ill. That’s when I turned to the Young Champ DNA Test. It gave me a deeper understanding of Owen’s health and body. The report highlighted the significance of sleep, sunshine, and outdoor play in enhancing his immunity and self-recovery. It was a surprise to learn that I had been overloading him with supplements… With the heartfelt guidance of Gene Express consultants, I revamped Owen’s routine. And you know what? Now, he’s embracing school life, facing fewer sick days, and his focus has truly blossomed. It’s like watching a little miracle unfold, and as a mom, there’s no greater relief and joy.

Owen Chay, 5