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Discovering Your DNA: A Roadmap to Better Fitness

Discovering Your DNA: A Roadmap to Better Fitness

James Brown

James Brown

Nutrigenomics Director

In 2003, a scientific milestone was achieved – the sequencing of the human genome. This accomplishment marked the beginning of a new era: The Genomic Revolution. Fast forward to today, and DNA health testing has stepped out of the lab and into the hands of the public, especially in the fitness and gym industry.

Your Unique Genetic Code
Within your DNA lies the secret to your uniqueness. You share most of your 20,000 genes with everyone else, but it’s the tiny variations in less than one percent of these genes that make you, YOU. The magic happens when we start to understand what these genetic quirks mean for our health.

Tailoring Your Fitness Journey
Imagine having a fitness plan customised just for you, one that takes into account your genetic makeup. No more trial and error, no more guesswork. That’s what DNA health testing offers. By decoding your genes, we can help you understand how your body naturally responds to diet and exercise.

Saving You Time and Effort
Getting fit often involves months or even years of experimenting. What works for your friend might not work for you. But with DNA testing, you can skip a significant part of that trial-and-error process. Armed with insights into your genetics, you’ll know what your body is likely to respond best, right from the start.

A World of Health Insights
DNA testing isn’t just about fitness; it’s about your overall health. Your genes hold clues to various aspects of your well-being:

  • Tissue Strength: Learn about your genetic predisposition for strong or weaker muscles and plan your workouts accordingly.
  • Energy Metabolism Rates: Find out how efficiently your body turns food into energy and adapt your diet for peak performance.
  • Inflammation Risk: Discover if you’re prone to inflammation and take steps to manage it.
  • Macronutrient Response: Understand how your body handles fats, proteins, and carbs to fine tune your diet.
  • Obesity Risk: Get insights into your genetic risk factors for obesity and tailor your weight management strategy.
  • Caffeine Sensitivity and Metabolism: Adjust your caffeine intake based on your genetic profile.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Risks: Uncover potential deficiencies in essential nutrients like B12, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, D, and selenium.

Staying Motivated
Losing motivation on your fitness journey is common when you’re unsure if you’re on the right path. Knowing that you’re following a plan designed for your genetics can be a powerful motivator. When you see results, it’s easier to stay committed.

Precision in Your Fitness Plan
DNA testing doesn’t just provide motivation; it also delivers precision to your fitness regimen. You can say goodbye to generic workouts and diets. Armed with your genetic insights, you can create a highly tailored plan that optimizes every aspect of your fitness journey, from exercises to rest periods and dietary choices.

DNA health testing is a game-changer for your fitness and overall health. It’s like having a personalized roadmap to guide you towards your goals. But remember, knowledge is only valuable when put into action. So, in a nutshell, DNA health testing simplifies your path to fitness success, making it easier and more effective. Unlock the power of your genes and embark on a fitness journey designed just for you.

James Brown, BSc
Nutrigenomics Director

James is an ex-professional rugby player representing Harlequins and England schools, that has spent the last 20 years working as a sports and performance nutritionist with a degree from St Marys Twickenham. He provides regular monthly nutrition columns in a variety of health and fitness titles, such as Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness and Flex.

James switched his attention to the world of genetics following the deaths of 2 of his younger cousins from cystic fibrosis in 2010 and gained his nutrigenomics degree from La Trobe University in 2015. He now provides a wealth of experience and knowledge with how our genes fully interact with our food, exercise, lifestyle and environments.

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